Barnes Roofing offers brick chimney inspection and repair. You may have been putting off the work you know needs to be done but you shouldn't wait any longer. Improve the aesthics and safety with a chimney repair from Barnes Roofing. Our expert masons can restore the brickwork or replace it completely and give you the look you've been wanting for so long. Years of weather can damage the chimney and weaken the mortar joints causing more water damage, leaks in your home and even a dangerous condition with the bricks and mortar. If you're not sure about the state of your chimney because you have been ignoring it for years, let us inspect it for you before you start using it again for the year. Barnes roofing has the experts that can diagnose problems and fix your ailing chimney. Don't wait, get it fixed today and start enjoying your fireplace.

Brickwork Experts

Let Barnes Roofing repair the mortar joints, liners and bricks and make your chimney the highlight of your home's exterior once again. We can do simple repairs to fix small problems or completely restore the entire chimney!
Sometimes it's just too late for your existing chimney but Barnes Roofing can completely replace the chimney with a newer, safer chimney with the newest design. You can even add aesthetic highlights or change it to decorative stone.
It's time to start enjoying your fireplace again. Don't sit in front of a cold dark fireplace for another year, get it cleaned and fixed so it can warm your home. Barnes Roofing will repair all of the brickwork which will also prevent leaks and other problems
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Did You Know

Chimney masonry is unique. Not just anyone is trained to handle repairs and replacements. Because chimneys require special bricks and specially mixed mortar, you need someone with expertise and experience. Barnes Roofing has the knowledge you can trust Give us a call today to discuss your chimney repair needs. Keep in mind that if you see problems in your chimney, it's just the tip of the iceburg!
Rain is one of the hardest things on your chimney. Moisture creates an acid which loosens joints and allows water in. Freezing and thawing then mechanically breaks the surrounding bricks and mortar. While there may only appear to be cosmetic problems with the chimney, it's important to have a full inspection to see the extent of the damage.
Chimney problems can cause internal water damage. Once cracks form in bricks or mortar, water can work its way into the chimney and cause damage inside your house. Because the water is traveling behind the walls and ceiling, it may actually show up in upexpected areas away from your fireplace. Let the experts at Barnes Roofing assess your problem and determine the best remedy. Give us a call today.