For 41 years, Barnes Roofing has been installing new and repairing residential, commercial and industrial roofs of all angles. Using only professional grade material and licensed and certified technicians, our goal is to exceed expectations - for every customer, on every job. Not all roofs need a full replacement and unless it’s needed we won’t sell you one. Our technicians are employees, not subcontractors, who are able to evaluate and recommend the most cost-effective solution to your roofing problem. Our product lines include shingles from CertainTeed and GAF, and feature warranties that have saved our customers thousands of dollars. Barnes Roofing is licensed and bonded in over 40 municipalities throughout Northeast Ohio.

We can help with any roof

We know your home is always going to be your largest purchase and the roof is the home's main protection. Trust Barnes Roofing's 41 years of experience with your investment.
A new roof can mean better energy efficiency and lower costs. The newest materials also offer enhanced wind uplift resistance. Protect your business with a new roof.
Barnes Roofing offers repairs year round and complete replacements with state-of-the-art materials that protect your business. Whether you have a large warehouse or manufacturing facility, Barnes Roofing can help!
Do you have a roof with unconventional material like slate or tile? Is your roof excessively steep or high? Not to worry, Barnes Roofing can fix or replace any roof at an affordable cost! Give us a call today.

Did You Know

The new roofing technology provides an energy-efficient roofs and is more environmentally friendly. They offer significant tax rebates and utility discounts and, in many cases, pay for themselves? Call Barnes Roofing and ask how a new roof can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!
You may have hail or wind damage and not even know it! It is often hard to find hail damage unless you specifically inspect for it. Even the smallest damage can lead to leaks and costly repairs. Let us inspect your roof and help you determine what state it is in.
Ice dams form on many roofs that are not properly installed or insulated. Besides causing leaks around the gutters and roof line during melting, ice dams can cause permanent damage to your roof and significant repair bills. Ask us how to prevent formation of these and other dangerous problems.