Siding & Gutters

New siding and gutters can completely transform the look of your house in just days. With years of siding and gutter installation and repair experience, Barnes Roofing is the name Northeast Ohio trusts to beautify their homes and you can too! Our expert installs are full-time employees of Barnes Roofing not sub contractors so you know the job will be done right because we stake our name on every product we install. New gutters will also help protect your home from water damage and provide dryer areas around your home. Spend more time with family in the yard and less time cleaning up after a storm, give Barnes Roofing a call today.

A Variety of Designs

No more scraping and painting, our vinyl siding gives you the beautiful look of wood in a wide choice of colors and textures. Give us a call today to see just how great your home can look.
This isn't your parents old aluminum siding! Galvanized steel with a coating of PVC for added durability means you get the most for your money. Exceptional strength and weather resistance even against high winds!
Barnes Roofing even offers a wide variety of specialty siding that lends a luxurious accent to your home! Choose from dozens of colors and styles and still get the durability and performance you expect.
Take a look at our online design studio to see what your home will look like with new siding, gutters, accents, shingles and more! It's free and fun to try.
Online Design Studio

Did You Know

Putting new siding on an older house can greatly improve the look and curb appeal if you're getting ready to sell. Nothing get's the buyer's attention more than a house that looks like brand new when they pull up outside. Ask us how we can help enhance your 'saleability'! If you just bought an old home, it's easy and quick to transform it with new siding - You'll love the look!
New siding, gutters, sofits and facia can greatly decrease the maintenance costs of your home. In many cases, siding can be simply hosed off and correctly installed gutters will protect the landscaping around your home for erosion. Bring your home back to it's former beauty with new siding from Barnes Roofing.
Siding can go on nearly any home. Whether you're restoring an old victorian cottage or you want to enhance the look of a new model home, new siding from Barnes Roofing will do the trick. Call us and visit our show room today to see the vast color, texture and design choices available that will fit your home. It might even be cheaper in the long run to replace that old siding rather than trying to clean it and paint it!