Dear Gary,

My husband and I want to thank you for helping us with our chimney repair, roof leak fix, roof heater requirement/addition and the terrific looking new roof and gutters/downspouts on our home.

We have two 30ish sons and have been around young people for many years. The crews you have sent to our home are the cream of the crop! We wanted to tell you, but are sure you must know. What a nice, polite, well spoken and efficient working group of guys! I was "thrown out" of my house by our tile/wood installers because I could not walk on the fresh grout/adhesive. My choice was to sit/loiter in my yard during the 2 days, in case something up and I could be useful. I did not hear one vulgarity or argument, etc. the entire time. They always waited to get another person's attention and then spoke with a kindness I found remarkable. I was also quite impressed at the level of cooperation and comradery I saw. I am a former high school teacher and tutor of special needs kids and I was so pleased by you crews' behavior. Ed and his crew even said, "Please and sorry" to each other, multiple times.

I felt comfortable when John Shirak (from Mason Steel) recommended contacting you because I trust him. I also felt comfortable when I first met you because you "looked" like a smart roof guy. My grandpa was a carpenter, many years ago, and I saw his expressions in your face. Tradesmen have a way of looking past you and seeing only the "job." You did that, the way my grandpa did. It was a nice memory which gave me confidence in you.

Our thanks also go out to your crews for the terrific job they did in cleaning-up our yard. Everything was picked-up, packed up and hauled away. We are grateful for their diligence.

I am pleased we went with John's recommendation an my intuition. I was also glad the BBB rates you so highly. We are very happy our roof looks so good and are certain it will serve us well. Thank you so much for your help and for your team of employees. You have several very impressive groups of men!

Our sincere appreciation, Jean and Reg L.